• Mark Crawford


The river looks great! I was very lucky to have my son Hunter guide me today in the new raft. I always enjoy watching someone find out how difficult guiding can be. Just pulling the anchor can be a huge task.

We caught a bunch of nice smallmouth. Still using spinning equipment. Gonna try flies next time out. I have to say just floating that stretch is a white water adventure! Not many trout, and that is why it is so good for smallies and goggle eyes. So much fun catching smallmouth! They fight so hard.

Well about half way down the smallmouth stretch the anchor fell down between some rocks and would not come out. I had my waders on and jumped in and they quickly filled with water and pulled me down. I like to think I am part fish, but I could not pull myself back up on the boat. My son and his friend had to drag me back in and lift my legs to get the water out of my waders. Completely humiliating... well we had to get the anchor loose so I tried a different angle and down I went. They dragged me back in the boat.

Now I'm getting really cold and shaking. I looked at Hunter and told him we had to get the anchor. He took his waders off jumped in and got it out. So proud but now we are both wet and cold. So day over. But it was so much fun while it lasted! Enjoy the pictures!

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