• Mark Crawford

River looks great!!

The river has been low and clear. Still kinda hot out but the waters cold. With the clearer water the trout have been picky. Today my big nymphs were the ticket. They did not work for us on Wednesday. The hot thing was a y2k with big midge dropper.

I have to say a big thank you to Jim Hinkle fish hatchery! The trout they have been stocking are above avg. Some of them are big. Please practice catch and release so they can get bigger. My dream is for us all to catch and release until there are so many huge fish in the river that they have to be managed and kept. That would be cool.

The walleye in the river are to that point. Its full of big walleye in all the deep holes. But dangit they dont bite. Yes I know I have caught some, and we have landed some big ones on guide trips but I have never meet someone that catches them consistently in the trout waters.

Cool weather is just ahead. Hang in there...

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