• Mark Crawford

River looks great

Water is low and clear. We are coming up on my favorite time of the year. Temps will begin to cool off, soon I hope, and the cooler temps will get big trout moving.

We have been catching plenty of trout lately. There are a lot of smaller trout in the water and they have been feeding hard. Last week agfc stocked some really nice heavy rainbows that have been a blast to catch. So far this week the Guppie has been the go to fly. We even caught a couple of smallies on Tuesday.

The thing about smallmouth bass on the Spring River is ya have to fish for them. The neat thing is they like the same presentation brown trout like, a slow or fast short strip upstream from a quartered down stream cast. They like to chase down fleeing prey. We have been trying top water but with not much luck. With this heat everything has been staying down in the water.

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