• Mark Crawford

River looking good

The river has been looking good last few days. Still up but finally clearing out. We did have rain overnight and more storms this evening. Uuggghhhh... I will keep everyone posted. The last few days have been good fishing but we do have to work for them. Smaller woollies with a small split shot "sinker" about a foot above the fly to help get it down. There have been a lot of bugs hatching. Caddis and mayflies every morning. Not seeing anything rise but we have hsd success with big nymphs and El Diablos during hatches. My mayfly emerger is a size 8, one of my favorite nymph imitations.

Memorial day weekend is coming up. I will not be on the water. If you are in the river be safe and watch out for the canoe hatch.

We are headed out today with a forecast for severe weather hitting at 4pm. Should be perfect. Stay tuned....

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