• Mark Crawford

River is perfect

Finally the river is coming down and looking great. The bigger trout that have been hiding with the high water are feeding. We also caught about 5 browns. Little guys but hey they were browns... some of the bows we are catching a really nice size. Water still is up some making it hard to land those bigger fish. Gotta be patient and play them out.

A y2k with a size 14 nymph dropper has been hot. I always try a woolly first then y2k, still no action a put the nymph dropper on. A 2 nymph setup can work great on hatches. Pheasant tail, copper john, prince nymph, the fish dont seem to care. One of the new jig hooks with a tungsten bead is a great set up for the bottom nymph. The tight lining technique we use is just like euro nymphing except for I never use over 2 flies. 3 or more flies makes for a hook in the hand when netting fish.... no bueno!

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