• Mark Crawford

River is good

We did have a bad storm move thru this morning. Got about an inch of rain. Thr river did get murky for a bit from the creeks, but was looking good by evening. Trout are biting well on olive woollies. Going after smallies tomorrow and hope to have a good report. The smallmouth have me feeling like the student. Trying to learn everything I can from youtube, internet and books. Smallmouth are native to local waters and I plan on figuring them out. One of the best fighting fish on a fly.

Also the Agfc.com has been working on creating a trout management program for the Spring River. Surveys were sent out to some folks asking their opinion. I really hope we get a few small catch and release areas, and maybe a slot limit. The Spring River would be a perfect trophy trout river with all of the food in the river. It would really help boost our local economy. Just saying....

Also my amazing wife Amanda has had her last major surgery on her right shoulder. The doctor said the surgery went well. We have 8 weeks of healing then rehab so she can get back to a normal life.

Thank you all for your support. I am really looking forward to the fall season. Remember November and December the big bows are running. Get your trip booked soon. Almost booked up for October. Steve and Ben will be available on weekends and maybe holidays. Depends on the wifes there.....

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