• Mark Crawford

Outdoors in the Delta!

Had a great day with Brett and Rick from Outdoors in the Delta. The river is running at 395 cfs and water is partly cloudy. We had a great day. The 3rd cast landed a nice 4lb tainbow. 2 smallmouth and plenty of rainbows was so much fun. But the huge brown that swipped at the fly twice is the fish we wont forget.... Great day. White lightning, olive woollies and y2ks worked great. Both smallmouth were caught on white lightning.

I will be at Bass Pro in Memphis tomorrow on Macon Rd with Brian Sloss. They are having a meet and greet for outfitters and guides. We will be there from noon to 4pm. Hoping weather is clear.

I have not figured out why my pics post sideways sometimes on my blog.

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