• Mark Crawford

No rain

We have had a good dry spell this week. No rain. Forecast is way off, chance of storms Friday morning, maybe. It's getting good smallmouth weather now. Hot and dry.

The river is dropping down and looking great. The rainbows have been hitting olive woollies hard this week. The damsel flies are hatching, their nymph form looks a lot like a olive woolley. And of course your always imitating sculpins with olive woollies, a highly sought out food source for trout and smallmouth.

I'm in Florida for the weekend visiting a good friend. Venice Florida is where i will be, I hope to share pics soon. I have a 9 wt mangrove tfo rod I want to break in and I tied the ultimate salt water fly! I think! Gonna test it out tomorrow, in salt water no less.

The guys are wide open for guide trips, text or email to book a trip. I have a lot of openings in July for smallmouth trips. Just remember, smallmouth fishing requires a lot of casting/streamer fishing. It's work, but those boogers are worth it! They fight hard!

Adam showing me what to expect in Venice!

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