• Mark Crawford

No ice or snow

River is looking good, clarity is green and water levels are running at 400cfs.

We had a terrible forcast the last few days. Woke up Friday morning to ice and drizzle, mainly light rain for friday thru friday night. I stopped by the shop and built the fire up for Hunter. Next stop was dam 3 and there was not a soul around. I caught so many trout till my hands froze out. I qas using a black woolly and caught a few but really got into them when I changed to my pheasant tail nymph, tied from the poor birds I had shot earlier in the week.

Jim Hinkle fish hatchery is sticking trout weekly. And I got to say they are some nice trout. 14 inch avg and heavy bodied. There are about 225 trout being stocked per location. Thats a great number for the winter season. But remember if ya practice "Catch and Release" everyone can enjoy catching them.

When fishing on my own, I like to slide the trout up for a quick pic then let him swim away to fight another day.

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