• Mark Crawford

New year!

First of all the river is looking great, it is up some from recent rains, it is almost up to average flow and water clarity has a green tint to it. Use extra care wading. With the river at the level it is we are able to do float trips down to Saddler Falls on full days.

New guide trip pricing for 2019. With much thought and love for my clients we have set the new prices for 2019;

Full day $350

Hald day $250

I truly love guiding on the Spring River. It is my passion in life, showing others how easy it is to catch trout on the fly. And my family is very thankful I found something I was good at.... I have plenty of openings, give me a text or email and book your trip today! We are working on making booking online an option.

Thank you all for so many great memories on the Spring River!

Happy New Year

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