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  • Mark Crawford


Should clear up quick!! This is at noon in town. It's up and brown today. Will be fine by weekend, no major rain in forecast and that's what's important . Just had someone ask about the fishing, during these conditions the fish are there they just drop to the bottom of the river where things are much calmer. That can make it very hard to get down to the fish but most of the time with no visibility the fish turn off waiting for a little clarity. It doesn't take much, I love to fish pea soup green water with dark color woollies like the Brownie or a black woollie. But I have been guiding for over 20 years on the Spring River and chocolate brown water is No Bueno!!! Be fine in few days.

I'm leaving for the gulf in morning for a few days. We heard the sharks are biting so we are headed that way early in morning.

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