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Well I will be back to guiding today. The river is low and clear and I hope to post some great pictures tomorrow.

The trip to Michigan chasing King salmon was incredible. A 10 hour drive due north was a great road trip with my dad by my side. Plenty of time for bonding there. We arrived on the banks if the Pere Marquette and I set up my hammock that I would live out of the next 4 nights. My good friend John Trinkle and his friends Nate snd Jenn, were perfect hosts. Primitive camping was a blast. We were up the next morning by daylight and heading out on kayaks to float down the river. When spotting the huge salmon we would pull over and wade to approach the fish. The big fish were in full spawn and were not biting the best but with repetitive swings by the fish we were hooked up quickly and often. We were set up on 10 wts with a 2 fly rig. 25-40lb test tippet gave us a good chance at landing the big fish. The rest of the day was spent fighting the huge fish. On our first day out, my dad and I both landed 2 of the massive fish. John was with us the whole way pointing out the big fish for us. And he netted the fish for us, later I would find out how difficult that was to do.

3 days of intense hard fishing got us both 4 of the huge fish, but honestly we probably both hooked up with over 20 fish each. They were just so huge it was almost impossible to keep them out of the brush. Dads first fish hit so hard and so fast, the fight lasted about 20 seconds. Dont let the tip of your rod down!! If your rod tip gets down the salmon will break off. He said he didnt let his tip down but Wow! I witnessed the whole thing. That fish hit so hard his tip was yanked down so hard Dad didnt even know it happened. Definitely the best fly fishing trip I have been on yet. The fight was so intense that Dad and I were physically drained by the third day and watched John hook up and land several monsters on Wednesday. I was his net man and oh my goodness did I help him lose a bunch of fish. Getting that huge net under the fish was almost impossible. They were so long thhey could swim right out. I was able to land several for him but that only exhausted me more. On the last day on my last cast I landed a 27 lb King just above camp and fought him a hundred yards down stream to the camp. Incredible way to end and incredible trip that I will always treasure. The time with my Dad was priceless.

John is setting up a guide service for the King salmon run and I will be posting the info as he gets his business set up. I told him to book me for next year. Gonna be a yearly trip for me and my family. Can't wait to take my son and brothers back next year.

When ya go take extra rods! We snapped two 10 wts on the trip.

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