• Mark Crawford

Low and clear

The river is low and clear and looking great. 300 cfs with 350 being avg. The trout have been finicky this week. Catching a bunch but really working for them. We have been having a lot of short strikes or hit and runs as we like to say. When the trout are nipping at the flies, down sizing usually works well.

Orange blossom specials and y2ks with a small nymph dropper are producing this week. The morning hatch of caddis and blue wing olives has been thick this week. A size 12-16 nymph works great during the hatches. Copper johns, prince nymphs, pheasant tails, or hare ears all work great. Bead heads of course. Only problem with smaller nymphs is ya will catch some of the shad along with the trout. We got some big healthy shad... And some days the Guppie will wear the trout out, if the baitfish are feeding on the bugs and trout are focusing on the minnows feeding on the bugs. Watch for minnows busying thru the surface. Sign the trout are feeding on the baitfish.

If ya get an overcast day, stripping the fly back upstream from a down stream cast is productive. The overcast days are usually the most productive. On the sunny days, it mught take a little work to get the fly down and they will hit it.

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