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King Salmon Michigan

Its getting close to that time of year when the King Salmon run up the Pere Marquette on the Michigan peninsula. If your interested in catching some " I know a guy."

John Trinkle, a good friend that I meet on the Spring River fishing years ago. We became fast friends sharing knowledge and a love for fly fishing. For several years now John has been telling me about catching Kings in Michigan. Well last year I kidnapped my dad, aka Jed Clamped, and headed north. He kept saying " Your taking me to Canada aint ya." I just said "Yep." Well John has 2 good friends with 2 river lits on the Pere Marquette. He had lodging and everything setup for us. Dad slept in a nice camper and I slept in my hammock like I always do. We get up early the next morning and its game on for the next 3 days. Monster, prehistoric fish after monster fish. First one was 18lbs and John says a little one. I am not kidding when I say we hooked fish that we never slowed down. It was like being on the freeway hooking cars as they went by. My biggest was a 30 plus, 42 inch big King. 10 wt fly rods with 25-35 lb tippet. We broke 2 rods. Just brutal, incredible fights. The last few weeks of September and first few weeks of October is when to be there. John is working on setting up a guide service and lodging. I will list his info below. He does not have many spot open so give him a call and tell him ya heard it here.

This year Hunter and I will be there September 28th and 29th. Can't wait to see the look on Hunters face when he hooks up with one of these dinosaurs.

John Trinkle


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