• Mark Crawford

Hot out, fishing early

The river is looking great and the clear cold water feels mighty fine in this heat wave. We have been fishing till noon then calling it quits to have lunch then an afternoon nap... no need to fish in the heat, it's not good for you or the fish.

Catching smallies and bows lately. White lightning and olive woollies being the hot patterns on guide trips. Of course there has been a lot of bugs hatching and some dry fly action. Caddis and big mayflies hatching with a few stone flies. Hopper dropper of big stones or tan hoppers work well instead of using indicators with a nymph or white lightning dropper.

We of course have been chasing smallies, thus the season, with the hottest technique lately being a popper dropper with the dropper being the white lightning. We have cast a lot of streamers with some success and not many hits on the Hopper.

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