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I got to post this new fly I tied up on Thursday morning about 1 am. After a short nap I meet my guys at the fly shop and we headed to Many Islands to float the new smallmouth stretch. We float all the way to Hardy. A bunch of waterfalls and great scenery. Oh and a lot of smallies. We used this one fly and had the best day on the fly catching smallmouth I have had yet.

Watching youtube and podcasts, the guys kept saying ya need pink in the fly. Well I just happened to have a full cerise(hot pink) rabbit skin and I began to experiment. It has leadeyes to get down and ride hook point up like a clouser, rabbit strip tail, and the body of a simple olive woolly bugger. Gonna tie next batch in size 6 jig hooks. A slow strip back was the ticket and when ya see them chasing it. Stop suddenly....bam!

Aka Frankenstein...

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