• Mark Crawford

Fishing report

Water levels have been at 380 cfs this week. Rain last week did bring water levels up about 6 inches. Water clarity was poor after the rain and now is heavily green tinted. Before the rain the river was very low and clear, too clear.

   With leaves still falling, the catching can be tough on windy days. Plenty of leaves caught on those days. On the calm cloudy days the catching has been excellent on woollies. Big nymphs are hot also. On the windy days just got to get the fly below the leaves. Y2ks or smaller nymphs/ants can work.

On spinning equipment trout magnets in hot pink, orange, and black are very hot below a float. For really big fish trout cranks are the ticket. Walleye feed on smaller trout in the river. Actually there are probably a lot of other predator fish that feed on the smaller trout. Rainbow and brown trout colors work well.

   Big rainbow trout will begin moving with colder temps. One big brown was caught last week but haven't seen many. Really cold temps will move smallmouth bass up looking for warmer water. Stocking is not as heavy making winter time the best time to catch bigger fish.

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