• Mark Crawford


Wow, we have had some nasty weather the last week. Cold and wet. The river has not come up any. It is holding at 410 cfs, 350 avg, and water clarity is a heavy green cloudiness. I totally would be fishing some big white lightning's below a trout magnet indicator, or swinging one of my big y2ks. I like crawfish patterns with cloudy water. Grandmas brownie has always been a favorite of mine. A brown woolly bugger with white legs, I have caught smallmouth, large mouth, rock bass, trout, carp, panfish, and just ask my dad, big catfish. He didnt believe me until I pulled a nice channel catfish out of the lake when his night crawlers were not working.

Might want to add a split shot or fish heavier flies to get down to the bottom. Just be careful with the cast. Chuck and duck is a technique! Defintely not a favorable one. I have a hard hat for those days when the water is either higher than normal or we are fishing really fast water. Definitely a dangerous technique.

I will be back Monday guiding and posting how we do. Be safe on the water!

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