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  • Mark Crawford

Fish early!

The river is low and clear.

Water levels at the Spring have been at 350 cfs and water clarity is mostly clear. Storms moving thru the area can change conditions quickly, always be safe and keep an eye on the forecast. The overcast days are excellent for chasing fish with streamers. On the hot sunny days fish early and take the afternoon off. It's easier on the fish and you.

On the overcast days streamers or woollies can work great. Working the bank or swinging them out down stream, always a fun way to catch. Olive and brown woollies are hard to beat with silver eyelash streamers working when the bite is on baitfish. The sunny hot days have Hopper droppers working great, with an occasional Hopper hit. For droppers, pats rubber legs, y2ks, nymphs or soft hackles. Fun, fun, fun!

Smallmouth are hitting streamers just gotta fish them deep. Look for the deeper pools and work it slow. Skull head sculpins, barbell crawfish and clousers can all work well. Fish them deep and slow. May catch a walleye that way also, maybe.

It has been very hot out, be safe and hydrate, and don't forget the Spring River is ice cold. Wet wading season.

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