• Mark Crawford

Cold and Snow!

Thursday and Ftiday we did ok with y2ks on Thursday and white lightning and yellow woollies on Friday, but the bite just seemed off. Well forecast for overnight was a half inch of snow, very cold early but climbing into the 40s thru the day. Well let me tell ya we got about 4 inches of snow last night. On the way to work about wrecked on ice covered bridge in town. And it never got much over 33 degrees all day. Cold!

But let me tell ya right now the bite was on! Hopper dropper with y2k and we caught so many rainbows it was crazy. Several 16s and fat fish. No browns and it did look like a good day for it. Fun, fun day but dang had to quit little early guys were freezing up. My new heated vest was a life saver!

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