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  • Mark Crawford


Ok the river is flowing strong at 480 cfs and water clarity was poor today. I didn't realize how much till we hit a clear creek mouth. Did not matter at all, this last week we have caught so many rainbows it's unreal. The river is stocked well from all the rain outs last few months. Please catch and release and it will remain hot! Seeing a lot of harvesting and that's not cool, let my friends go!

Chased smallies today and caught a bunch but had trouble keeping the rainbows off the hook. We went down one of my smallie float stretches and did not expect to see such good bows. The cicadas are working great! Using them as top dry fly with woolly dropper. They hit them best in the shallow fast riffles.

Smallie fly of the day was my olive sculpin pattern. Part woolly part mop fly. Fish it deep with long leader and weight forward line. Can use a sink tip but with the heavy flies we don't need it. I have had really good days with the sculpin pattern below an indicator or popper, but not today. They wanted it running from them or on the swing. And fish the big rocks! Big rocks on the Spring River are homes where the smallie live.

I will be in the shop Saturday 9-noon!

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