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  • Mark Crawford

Big fish and lots of leaves!

The last few days have been so much fun at time, stressful at times the leaves make ya plum mad! We did a great float on Tuesday from Ravenden to Imboden AR. It's a long float full of smallmouth bass, spotted and largemouth bass and plenty of rough fish to keep ya guessing what's on! We had a blast. Today Shawn and I fought the wind and leaves this morning. We didn't catch many but I honestly saw one of the biggest fish I have seen this year but he snapped 4 x like it was nothing. Too many leaves for Hopper droppers, what worked was a indicator rig with egg pattern with a dropper. White lightning was our hot dropper, Shawn had on nymphs and mega worms. Had to punch down below the leaves today.

The big fish are out! The river is very low and clear, making for spookier fish. Lighter tippet helps but I wish we had on 10lb test today. The low clear conditions makes for some great dry fly action some days and Hopper dropper action. Minnow patterns have been my fave streamers patterns lately. Lots of baitfish in the Spring, crayfish, leeches, snails mayflies, caddis, and so many more food sources. Each day is about figuring out what's for lunch!

Hopefully the leaves are gone soon! And big fish season will be on till Spring.

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