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We have been slowly working on the next chapter of SpringRiverFliesandGuides. I am working on getting inventory in the fly shop, open more hours during the week. Actually being able to answer phone calls during the day when we are guiding. The business has slowly been growing. As many of you know I am not the only guide anymore. Steve has been guiding with me for several years now in his drift boat. Great guy to spend the day with. Hunter is starting to guide now and that warms my heart like only a son can.

But today I want to talk about Benjamin Wiltz, a good friend and fellow fly fishing fanatic. He has been waiting on a smithfly raft for a few months now and now it is here. Ben will be guiding on the south fork of the spring river in cherokee village. His raft can carry 2 clients and is set up like a drift boat.

Well today I got to go with him and wow! It was a really cool float. A big creek more than a river the south fork had some beautiful long deep pools, tons of riffles and just a treasure to float. I used my little finesse glass 4 wt rod with a floating tip. Hands down fly was my Frankenstein smallie fly but also caught several on poppers! Tons of sight fishing! I kept yanking the fly out of their mouths as I watched them chasing my flies down! Simply an amazing trip! Text or email me to set up a trip with Ben! He is a music teacher and will be going back to work soon. So get out and fish!

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