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River looks great

River looks great today. Saturday morning the water was dirty and cleared a little all day. Water levels are up at 450 cfs, be careful wading. Clarity is good.

We did a trip this morning and had a great time. There were a lot of bugs hatching all over. Caddis, mayflies, I even saw some really big crane flies. Well we did not do well with woollies nor eggs. So we had to get into the minds of the trout. We could see minnows hitting the bugs hatching and occasionally a trout cutting thru the same area, so I tied on a size 12 pheasant tail nymph and dropped a size 6 guppie as a dropper. That did the trick. The minnows were hitting the bugs and the trout were eating the minnows. So much fun figuring out the bite!

This fish is not the biggest but she tied the fly and this is her first fish with it. Good stuff!

On Saturday Steve and I took the wives to Basspro's Dogwood Canyon, located close to Branson. We paid $15 each and had a great time catching trout in the small creek that runs down the canyon. It did take us a bit to figure them out but it was no suprise that all they wanted was a big olive woolly. And let me tell ya they got some big'uns in there!! So much fun, and we rode bikes all over the place. We all had sore bums on the way home....

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