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  • Mark Crawford

Fishing report

We need some rain! Water levels are running at 200 cfs at the Spring and water clarity has been clear. Average flow is 350 cfs, the gages have been adjusting lately showing very low spring outflow. In other words the river is getting really low. Floating in the driftboat has been difficult and the fly craft has been better at getting thru the rocks. 

   Labor day was the last big party on the river, fishing season here on the Spring River has begun. With the brown trout showing up better than ever on the Spring we are expecting a great season. And as Jim Hinkle's newly renovated fish hatchery ramps up things will only improve on the Spring River. Please follow our blog for future plans on getting catch and release areas on the Spring River. There is no reason we should not have small areas to help with the hold over rate. 

 Catching has been on lately, plenty of hatchery bows in the river, with some really nice browns and smallmouth chasing down a fly on good days. Woolly buggers in olive black or brown on a strip or swing can be deadly on the river. But if that don't work high sticking or indicator drifting eggs and nymphs right off the bottom in the deeper pools is very productive. Dry fly action can be had with these conditions, low and clear, hoppers with droppers, elk hair caddis, stimulators, and ant patterns can all work. Just gotta be at the right place at the right time. 

 There are two flies that have been very productive with low clear conditions with bright sun, an eyelash minnow pattern that is very simple imitation of the shad that are running out of places to hide with the low water. And my personal fav the Guppie that imitates the small baitfish hiding along the shore line. Not always hot but when they are it's on!

    If the forecast is for a hot sunny day fish early then take a break to beat the heat and to not stress the fish. There are cooler days ahead full of chasing trout on the Spring River!

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